In 1989, in a neighborhood of Athens, a small family company introduces a new, innovative type of mattress, from 100% natural materials, without springs, and completely recyclable. The establishment of the company, called COCO-MAT in the market of sleep, and the rapid growth was a matter of time. The central unit in Xanthi is a non-polluting manufacture, has no chimney, and recycles the water it uses, does not use chemicals and refuse plastic. The raw materials used in production are recyclable, such as wood, cotton, coconut, natural rubber, wool, flax, algae, horse hair.
Today, with a presence in ten countries and three continents, COCO-MAT's famous beds, mattresses and all other sleep products are used by many people all over the world. A matter of the same importance is the ecological and socially conscious company. The staff of COCO-MAT is consisted by people from 13 nationalities and 9 religions, refugees and disabled. Over the 23 years of operation, COCO-MAT has won major awards, including first prize in the European competition for quality of the EFQM and the Business Excellence National Award by the Ministry of Development.

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