About COCO-MAT Hotel Nafsika

The best Sleeping Experience in Athens at Hotel Nafsika

Welcome to the world of COCO-MAT hotels and COCO- MAT Hotel Nafsika. The COCO-MAT Hotel Nafsika is a native of the time, or just a new idea of Greek hospitality. Located in Kifissia, one of the most beautiful suburbs of Athens becomes a warm embrace for rest, recreation and rejuvenation, a microcosm of natural simplicity in the complex and turbulence of today’s world. The internal and external decoration, are characterized by green luxury and the bedrooms are distinguished thanks to the amazing sleep systems of COCO-MAT. The unforgettable sleeping experience, the powerful breakfast meal with the flavors of high nutritional value, the professional care of our people, the rooms and suites equipped with rich and spacious Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound, the bicycle strolls, the COCO-MAT store and the "herbal garden" make up just a summary of the unique experience that you live at COCO-MAT Hotel Nafsika. Whatever the reason for your visit, the team COCO-MAT Hotel Nafsika is ready to welcome and introduce you to the world of hospitality a la COCO-MAT.