Home Made Lunch & Dinner

As the day continues in COCO-MAT Hotel Nafsika, our team of people is cooking the homemade "dish of the day." It is a first-class dining opportunity to discover the delights of Greek and Mediterranean food in the most healthy and delicious way. For the culinary highlight of the day you are being informed at breakfast time.



  • Greens with melon flakes with grilled chewy white cheese, raspberry vinaigrette & black sesame.
  • Quinoa with diced strawberries, white traditional Greek cheese, peach vinaigrette & fresh herbs.


  • Mini carob rusks & cherry tomatoes with basil pesto & crunchy-grilled prosciutto.
  • Skewers with shrimps marinated with lime, beetroot & mint, crunchy-fried onion, & yoghurt sauce.

Rissotto & Pasta

  • Risotto with tomato & feta cheese, herbs & fennel flakes.
  • Tagliatelle & lamb stew with sundried tomato & eggplant sauce.

Meat & Fish

  • Roasted chicken wings served with smoked cheese & purple mashed potatoes.
  • Pork roll stuffed with peppers, spinach, coriander & white Greek traditional cheese served with roasted tomato & baby potatoes.
  • Beef tenderloin with homemade chili-mayo sauce and fresh rocket on buns with white & red cabbage salad on the side.
  • Fish fillet with zucchini puree, blanched Greek seasonal greens & lemon zest.


  • White chocolate log with cranberries, blueberries & dried nuts, fresh fruits & hot cherry sauce.
  • Dark biscuit paste with cream, caramelized peaches & green tea ice-cream.

Ice Creams

  • Parfait / Chocolate Parfait
  • Madagascar Vanilla
  • Green Tea
  • Lemon & Basil Sorbet

Menu Inspired & created by our very own, chef Nikos Koutraς