Tailor Made Sleep

COCO-MAT Hotel Nafsika is proud to offer a bespoke service to its esteemed guests: Tailor Made Sleep.
Tailor Made Sleep is a personalized service, available to all our guests upon request, thanks to which they can enjoy comfortable and relaxing sleep on beds designed to be customized upon their needs.
When booking your stay with COCO-MAT Hotel Nafsika follow a simple process to let us know how to arrange for you to sleep on the ideal bed.
All rooms are equipped with COCO-MAT’s natural sleep systems and bedding. Each product is a combination of multiple layers of natural materials. Harder layers, such as coconut fiber, horsehair or cactus fiber, provide bodyweight support, while the more elastic layers of natural rubber follow the body’s shape, gently hugging every curve. Thanks to COCO-MAT’s signature sleep combinations, our staff can adapt your bed sur-mesure to make your stay truly memorable.

Please share with us the following information so we can offer you a sleep experience, tailor made.

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